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Choir-Essential Questions

1. What is solfa?

2. What are scales?

3. How do we read rhythms?

4. What music vocabulary do we need?

5. What is the proper technique for singing?

6. How do genres of music reflect the culture of a society or time period?

7. How does music relate to other academic subjects?

8. How do we create a music composition?

9. Can we accurately perform simple compositions on classroom instruments?

10. What criteria do we use to evaluate music and a musical performance?



General Music-Essential Questions

1. Can we sing with accurate pitch and rhythm a varied repertoire of music?

2. Can we perform accurate instrumental examples of varied repertoire?

3. Can we create a stylistically appropriate improvisation of a simple melody, variation, and accompaniment?

4. Can we compose and arrange music within specific guidelines?

5. Can we read, notate and interpret rhythms and melodies within specified guidelines?

6. Can we use correct vocabulary to analyze examples of music from diverse genres and cultures?

7. How do we design criteria to evaluate music and musical performances?

8. How does music relate to other subjects?

9. Can we identify music/musicians that represent different genres and historical periods?



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